Swimming Classes for Beginners in Karachi

The Artes School is offering indoor swimming lessons for toddlers. They can begin as early as 3 years to splash the water. The best part is that their elder sibling can join them too!

Let’s dig into the benefits of this swimming lesson for beginners by The Artes School. 

  • Trained and experienced instructors.
  • Swimming tournament.
  • A certificate will be given by the end of the course

Commencement: 18th June 2022

Days: Thrice a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)

Monthly fees: Rs. 10,000/- only

Age: 3 to 12 years.

Timings: 4:30 to 6:30

So what are you waiting for? Register your kid now for this fun-filled activity to beat the summers!

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    • Swimming training by experienced instructor
    • Swimming Competition Certification
    • Different swimming techniques for beginners

    Every physical activity has its benefits at a young age. The same goes for swimming. Fortunately, we are offering amazing summer swimming classes for kids where your kids can learn to swim like a professional.

    Swimming teaches the child how to survive in the water. That is why it is said to be for recreation rather than a proper education. It is a chapter that should be a part of every kid’s education! 

    You may not believe it but parents can start their kid’s swimming lessons when they are toddlers. It helps to strengthen the kid’s gross motor skills and also helps in building their confidence. 

    Moreover, swimming is considered to be a full-body workout. It is the best physical activity for kids with the bare minimum chances of injury. If swimming classes are taken up in the early stages of life it helps in the perfect growth of the body and also improves essential skills that are needed for life. 

    Nowadays, kids are feeling lethargic and drained due to the extreme heat of this season. You can’t always keep them indoors. So engage them in any healthy activity that will benefit them forever! If your kids do not know how to swim then do not be worried!