School Admission Process, Karachi

A simple and easy school admission process for the beginning of your child’s most progressive years.

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1. Online Application

Parents wishing to admit a child should first submit an online application. Our goal is to make online registration as simple and convenient as possible for you. The form should be filled with accurate details and all fields are mandatory. Your application will be reviewed by the admission department. If your request meets our eligibility criteria, you will be given an appointment for an interview on our campus that you registered for. Please expect an email or call from us within 01 or 02 weeks.

2. Interview

The interview covers areas related to our core program. We are committed to the academic development of each student, at the same time focusing on developing habits and lifelong values. Before admission, an interview and test are carried out between members of the admissions committee, and the parents to create a strong foundation for a lifelong relationship.

Preparation Tips:

  • To prepare your child for the interview, help them to listen and follow basic instructions.
  • Prepare your child by asking them to observe the surroundings, numbers, colors, shapes, alphabets, certain words written on books, newspapers or the display boards at shops and malls.
  • Ask open-ended questions which give the child an opportunity to think critically and answer.
  • When your child speaks or writes, keep encouraging them in order to build their confidence.

3. Final Formalities

Final formalities includes the submission of documents and payment of fees.

Following documents will be required after clearing an interview:

  • 6 passport sized photographs,
  • 2 CNIC copies of each parent,
  • 1 copy of B-form,
  • 1 copy of Birth certificate.
  • Fee Voucher

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